/soːˈlaː.ris/ - of the sun, connected with the sun


sometimes bright & warm, sometimes hidden behind a fat layer of clouds.
the sun is in our everydays life and we often crave for it. 
we watch it rise, we watch is go down but we always know it will be back.

the solaris series is our take on the classic half split design.
Half splits offer awesome tracking while rotating and the sun is just like the cherry on top.

the black solaris offers: 
- full austrian beech construction (it's solid, trust)

- handpainted tama design

- blue string & bearing bead

- basecup hole

- Rubbah clear


this kendama is offered at a cheaper base price because

the batch of rubbah on these is a little thinner due to a smaller nozzle on the spraying gun.
the smaller nozzle means that the layer applied is a little thinner than usual. 

we did a lot of research work we did this summer to improve our quality.
our goal is to make our coating grippy, durable and last longer.