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"RUCKER" Zebrano & Ash


hardwoods: part 1 


smelly but yet so beautiful. I don't think I have to mention the insanel grain on these ones. 


the most luxurious looking and the worst smelling Ken of them all. 
the Zebrano is ready for a beating and provides grain that never dissapoints. 

Ash Tama- 

This Design was also used when we re-made our HONEYMOON concept. 
This time it's on an rough Ash Tama and makes a good companion for the Zebrano Ken. 

2mm Middlestripe and our Logo engraved on top for ultimate tracking

provides grip due to the natural grain of Ash wood. 

In da BOX:

- Zebrano/Ash Kendama

- 60 cm string & bearing

- Stickers + additional String & bead

- Sandpaper


while supplies last!