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this kendama is a full homage to the japanese kendama culture. 
Eric was sent to Japan in Summer 2019 to compete at JKA World Open Festa.

Beforehand he spent some time to research the origin of the JKA (Japanese Kendama
Culture) and also understand and the production of the Ozora Kendama.


Which by the way is made by Yamagata Koubou Co., Ltd in Japan. 
They only used wood that was sourced locally to make Kendama. They do it like this untill today. 


Eric used the most authentic austrian wood which combines beautiful grain with an unmatched smell of pines. 
Stone Pine is a tree that only grows at 1.300 - 2.000 meters of altitude and can call Austria and the Alps home.

The Stone Pine Kendama comes:
in unique plastic packaging (modern JKA style)

a classic 2 finger string length

& stickers.  

please consider 

this kendama may play like a cloud but sticks loons and lean/lighthouse's due to it's natural resin content. The wood is soft and very light weight.

It breaks in a lot faster compared to other woods that would normally be used for Kendama. 

has light red and brown wood knots which is typical for the Stone Pine or "Zirbe".

These wood knots weight double as much as the "normal" part of the wood. That means weight distribution within the tama (but also ken and sarado) can be tricky if it has a knot in it.  They distort the normal movment of the tama when in motion


this is not your average kendama you should quad tap juggle spike. 
but you could .