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originz STRING JAR

originz STRING JAR


5 bearings, 5 brass beads, 15 strings!

  • MOSS: dark green, brown, black & cream 
  • GREYSCALE: black, dark grey, light grey, white, cream
  • STEELCITY: light grey. white, dark blue
  • PRINCESS: violet, lilac, cream, dark grey
  • VILLAIN: black, grey, red, white
  • CARAMELLO: gold, brown, black, white
  • VINTAGE RASTA: gold, dark red, dark green
  • BIG JAR: 50 strings - 10 big bearings - 10 small bearings

da string jar is a reusable jar with an aluminium lid filled with strings.
it keeps all the things you need to be ready to slay at all times + you can store your own supplies in there to have everything in one place.  

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