what we stand for-

O stands for astonishment, excitement and joy!

DA\O is a product of Hirn mit Holz e.U.

The company is specialized in creating and providing high quality skill toys.

We support kids and grown up's, help growing this community for the people  that share the joy of this game and kendama love. 

We strive for the best quality possible.
This is why every single part is hand picked, checked and weighed before assembling. 
Our products run through a 3 step quality check to make sure it leaves our house in perfect condition. 

If our product does not meet your expectations do not hesitate and contact us immediately. 
In case of damage please use our FAQ's, contact section or write an email to crew@dao-ken.eu

We are happy to help!!

much <3, O

payment methods-

Credit / Debit Cards


offline Payments (bank transfer)

cash (only @ personal pickup)